Below are just a few of the many tetimonials we've received from happy customers who have found long-lasting relief with Work Out!® Liniment

"I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for your product. As a podiatrist in Oklahoma City, I see many patients with musculoskelatal problems, injuries, sprains, postoperative swelling and edema. I have used your product with great success. Often times patients will have gastrointestinal side-effects to oral anti-inflammatory pills and we have used Work Out!® successfully in these cases, thus bypassing the stomach and relying on the topical effects of your medication. We have added this to our conservative armortarium for treatment of heel spur syndrome patients."

Sincerely, David G. Wade, D.P.M.

"My mother uses it for her rheumatoid arthritis. She likes it better than anything else on the market."
- Judy O., Thurmont, MD

"It's the only product we recommend to our members."
- John Viollis, Owner, Personal Best Gym, Merrick, NY

"It is the best thing I can find for aches & pains!"
-Hazel C., So. Portland, ME

"More effective than any liniment I've ever tried!"
- Mr. Pete Andrews, Seattle, WA

"As you are well aware, I have played professional football with the NFL for twelve years. To this day, I continue to feel the soreness, aches and pains which are naturally associated with the sport.

The only total relief I am able to find for the symptoms mentioned is when I use your product Work Out® which is now every day. It's a good product. Wishing you the very best."
- Marty Lyons, #93, New York Jets





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