Pain Relieving Liquid: Works Fast, Dries Quickly, Greaseless and Non-Staining

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The formula of all natural ingredients in Work Out!® Liniment was invented in 1925 by then Director of the Board of Health of New York City, Dr. Edward Bocker.

Work Out!® Liniment has been sold to personal customers, drug distribution companies, professional athletic teams and medical professionals for all types of muscle aches, sprains, strains, sports related injuries, bruises and especially arthritis sufferers.

People suffering from any of the above mentioned ailments will find relief from full strength application. Simply pour a quantity of Work Out!® Liniment into a cupped hand and massage vigorously into the affected area 3 to 4 times daily. When used full strength Work Out!® is also excellent for the immediate relief of non venomous insect bites, sunburn or itchy non irritated skin.

Work Out!® is also a great all natural antiseptic. When mixed with water Work Out!® speeds the healing process and makes a gentle soothing formulation for uses associated with tender, raw, or sensitive skin. Try it for oak or ivy poisoning, and minor scrapes and scratches.





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